Who is Dr. Steven Anderson?

Dr. Steven Anderson opened Anderson Dental in November 2005. After working for other dental practices in the area, he decided to move out on his own. As a man of many talents and with a lot of ambition, Dr. Anderson built the professional building where he, his staff, and his dental practice occupy the top floor.

“Dentistry is a second career for me,” he says. “I was an executive in computer science, and did a couple start-up companies; but that career required a lot of traveling, and I was tired of that. My family was starting to grow too and I wanted to stay home and watch the boys grow.”

As a result, Dr. Anderson earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, which is one of the nation’s top dental schools.

Anderson Dental focuses on comprehensive and quality patient care. Dr. Anderson says, “We focus on our patients and their needs and wants. Our patients are very important to us. We do not treat them like a number or rush through treatment. We want to know each patient and we demonstrate that by spending time to do quality work.”

“It takes time to diagnose a patient’s problem correctly and even more time to do quality dentistry; otherwise things get missed,” he says. “I support quality dentistry and that extra time and effort usually comes with a little bit of a cost differential; but it is worth it to receive the correct diagnosis followed by high quality care.” Dr. Anderson notes this is sometimes lost or not seen as necessary these days with the ever-increasing effort to find or provide cheap care. He feels this is tragic because dental disease is often preventable and much more affordable when treated early. A disease like periodontal (gum/bone) disease may affect your whole body, is costly to treat, and has become the most common reason why adults loose their teeth.

At Anderson Dental you can expect to receive comprehensive, quality dental care, which focuses on your total oral health being examined, correctly diagnosed, and explained to every patient. “Sometimes I have patients who see me for treatment and they say ‘My other dentist didn’t say that.’ Often times their problem can be directly related to an inappropriate initial dental diagnosis,” he says. Dr. Anderson takes time with each of his patients; with modern diagnostics and training, he is dedicated to knowing and treating the diseases that affect the oral health of his patients.

Anderson Dental features a modern, well-equipped office with an experienced staff to assist Dr. Anderson.  Brittany is the front office coordinator and is an expert in assisting every patient get through the many complex dental insurance issues faced today.  Shelley is Dr. Anderson's full-time assistant and has more than 20 years of dental experience. “I am absolutely committed to surrounding myself with a highly experienced, caring staff to assist me in everyday patient care,” Dr. Anderson says. “It makes a big difference for everyone . . .everyday.”

Anderson Dental will see children at age one, usually with the parent. “In my profession, I want the child in the office early to be acclimated to his/her dentist and to help the parent know how to prevent the most common disease in the world — tooth decay. If I can prevent tooth decay, I am a happy doctor,” Dr. Anderson says.

Anderson Dental also supports sports teams in the area and stresses the importance of athletic mouth guards. Only custom-fit mouth guards adequately protect teeth and the soft tissue of the mouth when athletes get hit with a ball or elbow in basketball, football, or other contact sports. A custom-fit mouth guard can be produced at the office practically while you wait, and it may save a tooth from being knocked out or a lip from being lacerated.

Dr. Anderson is also trained in complex dental surgeries such as widsom teeth extractions, dental implants and sinus lifts.  Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed in the jaw bone to replace the root-form and crown of a lost or extracted tooth.

Clear braces and clear aligner orthodontics are two other unique offerings at Anderson Dental and allow patients to straighten teeth without metal brackets in as little as six months.

Dr. Anderson enjoys his free time with his wife and two boys. His oldest son Jason attends UC Berkeley's engineering program and his other son Jeff, attends UCLA's engineering program.

Located next to Woodstock’s Gold’s Gym on Highway 92, Anderson Dental is at 650 Claremore Professional Way, Suite 200, Woodstock, GA 30188.

You may contact Dr. Anderson at (770) 384-8505