Chips, cracks and irregular spaces don’t belong in a healthy smile. These types of tooth imperfections can affect a smile’s overall look and longevity, but not anymore! Bonding is a conservative method of repairing teeth, making them stronger and more attractive.

While porcelain veneers are very effective at creating balanced smile aesthetics, bonding is an alternative solution for our Georgia cosmetic dentistry patients. Bonding is very affordable – making it especially useful for kids and adolescents, as their smiles are still transitioning.

A Fast, Comfortable Restoration

Dr. Anderson preserves the natural tooth surface and directly adheres the bonding material to the tooth. No tooth preparation means no drilling! The bonding material can be polished, color-matched and made to look entirely natural. Best of all, bonding is usually completed in a single dental appointment.

Bonding is versatile, conservative, and done in 1 visit!

Bonding is both restorative and cosmetic dentistry for our East Cobb and Woodstock patients. Bonding restores strength to chipped or cracked teeth.  East Cobb and Woodstock, Georgia dentist, Dr. Steven Anderson can also resurface, reshape and close spaces to bring an aesthetic balance to teeth. Bonding is a great choice for single-tooth restorations – it is easier, faster and more affordable than a full smile design.

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Dr. Steven Anderson provides perfectly color matched dental bonding with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in East Cobb, Georgia and Woodstock, Georgia.