Dental Implants

Dental implants are the undisputed champions of tooth replacement. A dental implant can replace a missing tooth without affecting neighboring teeth, plus the implant looks and feels completely natural. Your smile and bite are simultaneously repaired with the best of dental science and artistry. Dr. Anderson’s patients love that their dental implants look just like teeth. They can enjoy all of their favorite foods and smile at any moment. Another benefit of dental implants is the incredible stability they provide to dentures – just a few dental implants per arch vastly improves the denture fit and function
How do dental implants from Dr. Steven Anderson achieve such great feats? Dental implants:

  • Are surgically placed in the bone, for the strongest foundation that emulates nature
  • Do not compromise the strength of other teeth
  • Help retain healthy jaw bone density, preserving a youthful appearance
  • Offer an extremely high success rate
  • Can be expertly matched to your existing teeth

“Dental implants will truly enhance your quality of life!”

For the most successful surgical placement, Dr. Anderson, East Cobb and Woodstock, Georgia dentist,  trusts two specialists. His team are experts in placing dental implants for an ideal restoration, including expertise on precise placement and bone grafting. The doctors share information on the case, for the most predictable and successful dental implants in East Cobb/Woodstock. You can rely upon the proven aesthetic restoration expertise of Dr. Steven Adnerson and his trusted periodontists and oral surgeons.

Life is simply too short to hide your smile or live in pain. Get the best of both worlds – beauty and health – from dental implants!

Dr. Steven Anderson provides dental implants in that will restore your smile and quality of life.