A missing tooth can be a challenge for any smile. While dental implants are unrivaled in their function, looks and longevity, they aren’t a viable possibility for every patient. Few people want to deal with a removable dental appliance, making bridges a great fixed replacement option for missing teeth.

“Bridges by Dr. Steven Anderson, are beautiful, natural in appearance and restoratiion”

If a missing tooth isn’t replaced, surrounding teeth can drift while bone density recedes, causing even further dental issues. Why create the need for more dental work than you have to? Replacing a tooth with a bridge will help counteract these effects, plus the new tooth lets you smile without embarrassment.

A bridge works by:

  • Attaching to crowns on the surrounding teeth
  • Replacing the visible portion of the tooth
  • Providing a surgery-free tooth replacement option
  • Improving chewing, eating and the structure of your bite
  • Completing your smile

A bridge is a particularly effective dental restoration if you happen to need crowns on surrounding teeth. If you would like to discover the right dental procedure for you, simply call Dr. Steven Anderson’s office for your appointment.