Metal Free Fillings

For restorations that strengthen teeth and look beautiful, Dr. Anderson places metal-free fillings. Patients love that their teeth look and feel completely natural–as if they didn’t have restorative dentistry at all! East Cobb / Woodstock smiles greatly benefit from this conservative method of restoring teeth because they bond directly to the tooth surface. Less structure has to be removed and metal-free fillings effectively seal out bacteria.

Metal-Free Fillings:

  • Look nicer in the mouth
  • Preserve more natural tooth structure
  • Seal out bacteria
  • Renew the strength of your teeth

On the other hand, silver or amalgam fillings need to be “packed” into place which means the dentist has to cut out more of the tooth structure. Plus, amalgam fillings expand and contract with temperature changes, slowly creating tooth cracks and letting bacteria enter the site over time. Metal-free fillings are the choice of many patients in East Cobb and Woodstock for restorative dentistry that provides form, function and peace of mind. Call Dr. Anderson,  for your dental consultation today!